Multicultural Children’s Book Day was a unique opportunity for me to read more books and get the Christmas spirit around me.
Evangelia’s Kakourou, “multidimensional” book under the title: “The Strangest Christmas of my Life, II” made me think of the endless possibilities a book can offer while transferring the Christmas Tree preparation to young readers, reminding them of the Lights used and of the actual Light every human fusing with, his way of thinking and behaving.
🌟Book Concept
The writer got the idea of writing the book three years ago when the pandemic started and her little daughter Zoe, was the reason to use the concept of the Christmas tree, and of the Light within that human beings lack.
📝Book Summary
Santa Claus makes his appearance in Zoe’s dream and asks for help so he saves people from the darkness they have in their hearts. Can Zoe help him, finish his mission? Zoe, Zaharenia, and Santa Claus will follow her in this strange Christmas story.
The writer in a unique way relates to the reader how Children’s world during Christmas has the shiniest Light and that Christmas belongs to them. In a nostalgic way, the writer initiates us right away to the simplicity of the Christmas celebration which is full of Light, truthfulness, and a constant need for more Light to get into our hearts.
Positivity is the key word for all individuals and that is what the illustrator Vassilis Selimas depicts with his illustrations, making the story a path of feelings that open new ways of thinking to the reader of any age!
Once considering the book from the eco-friendly perspective of using solar light and sustainable sources of lighting the reader and the educator have instantly a wide range of sources to use and promote the idea of environmental sustainability.
💡Interesting Facts for Christmas Lights Festival!
Have you thought of a better way than spread the light in your kids’ souls? Then follow the Christmas Festival and find similar events in your city for next Christmas!
👩‍🏫Activities for Educators!
There are numerous STEM activities online to help the educator to spread the message of eco-friendly lighting and its significance in our everyday life.
Following especially designed experiments kids can fully fledge the meaning of using solar energy to their own benefit
The Activity I chose for me is for kids to discover the Light Libraries! Those places of Knowledge are powered by the sun and students borrow the solar lights back home. Literacy through sustainability and protection of the planet.
📖Author’s BIO
Evangelia Kakourou was born in 1983 and she lives in Athens. She is a lawyer and has her office in the center of Athens, specializing in Civil Law and the Law of Social Security. She likes reading poetry and literature, and since her childhood, she used to write poems and fairy tales.
She has published the following books: “The strangest Christmas of my life», “Captain Teridonix and the Knights of the Round Toothbrush”, and “ The strangest Christmas of my life II”. For more details, you could visit the sites:
Facebook: evangeliakakourou